WIICCO is “the” premiere Network Attached Storage source! 

We provide all the equipment and technical support you’ll require… so you can concentrate on the alluring creative process, only! 

What’s your budget? We really do care about your bottom line!

You can step back and take comfort as WIICCO handles the end to end technical workflow swiftly, precisely and cost effectively. 

Our history

Our company was founded


Robert Wilhelm founded WIICCO in Los Angeles, California in 2017.

First contract


Our 1st contract for NAS Intelligent Storage, "Banijay, SAS ", for the TV show "Temptation Island" over 4 years ago! They are based in Paris, France and 1 of the largest international content producers. They are still our very happy Clients. 

Our fourth birthday


This is just our 4th year in business and we grew fast. WIICCO now offers even more data management/protection services and we even expanded our territories internationally.


Our services

Global coverage

With our new Remote Workflow systems, you can edit anywhere, anytime.

Network Services

Secure network services Studio audit ready


Implement cutting edge technology, that benefits you

Even more services

Cloud implement

we are cloud experts and understand the urgency to find a reliable partner


We are always cutting edge when we develop our new workflows end to end, that save time, money.


We design storage workflows with you in mind. With this in mind you get the best technology for your investment

Completed projects
Happy clients
Government projects
Data Stored

We are very fortunate that Wiicco is our main IT service provider, with the vision, customer care and excellent new developments we are able to secure the network, receive Studio security approvals and have the entire IT outsourced to Wiicco

Derek Luff
Owner Wildwoods, Xtrax, DL-Music

Wiicco is our main Storage Workflow provider who established a stable workflow for all the shows we run. With the Pandemic we moved with Wiicco to remote workflows that all our editors could continue and finish our projects.

Paul Sutherlin
Post Director MakPictures


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