Data Security Breach

Ransomware is all around us

Easy-to-use Interface

With the constant evolution of storage platforms, the Storage Applicances adopted the all new management software to assist customers improve storage and service efficiency to increase productivity. Its intuitive interface design allows for centralized management of multiple systems, monitoring of performance and capacity usage, and completion of all related system configurations.

Complete Cloud

Integration of enterprise data and cloud is the trend of the future, and the Storage appliances can assist customers to move file or block level data to public or private clouds according to their needs. Besides low cost access to infrequently used data, it can also backup data to the cloud to establish a remote backup architecture, creating a data center with high availability.

Unified storage system

The Unified Storage appliances integrates block, file and object services and a cloud gateway engine in one system to fully support data storage and folder sharing through a single Web Interface. Supporting any type of content creation process.

Stunning Performance

Data is directly written to the block level storage, enabling better performance than competitor products that need to write first to the file level and then to the block level, resulting in too much overhead.

450K IOPS End to end, 11,000 MB/s for read, 6,400MB/s for write


Supports a flexible topology to satisfy multiple application demands
SAN protocol : FC, iSCSI, SAS, FCoE
NAS protocol : CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV
Object protocol : Openstack Swift

Automated Storage Tiering

Automated storage tiering fully leverages the advantages of different storage media including SSDs for high-performance I/Os and HDDs for massive data archive.